Monday, July 20, 2009

In- class Task (Electronic Worksheet)

Here's my simple electronic work sheet which is suitable to be taken by form two students.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm in CALL

yahoo... I'm finally in my final semester and it means that I need to take CALL As a matter of fact I'm know in CALL class with the feeling of worries and uncertainty because seriously I'm not really good with computer.
About myself:
Name: Ivy M.Karangkas
ID No: 2005754996
DOB: 28th July 1986
POB: Ranau, Sabah
What computer software you know how to utilize?
What computer hardware skills and knowledge do you have?
As a student for sure I know to use all the basic Microsoft Software like words, power point, publisher and excel. Talking about skills..hmmm I'm still thinking what are the hardware skills or knowledge that I have. Do I even have one??? Maybe it's not my cup of tea but I will try my best to learn these skills in this class.
What computer / Internet activities do you oftenly engaged in? e.g download songs, upload videos.
Although I have lack of hardware skills and knowledge, I oftenly engaged with instant messaging like YM or MSN and my no 1 favourite site..facebook. I have to admit that I love to download songs, movies and video clips through the net because they are F.O.C. Not to be missed You Tube is in my list too.
Did you have the opportunity to use the computer in your teaching during your practicum?
Well it's sad to say that during my practicum I didn't have the opportunity to use computer in my teaching. I really wanted to do so but the classrooms in the school are not equipped with the ICT equipments and it's hard for the admin to grant permission to me to use the computer lab.
Have you participated in any online learning? e.g via educational websites?
Ilearn is the only online learning that I have participated.
That's it for now....adios :)